Cataract Symptoms – Do I have a cataract?

Having a cataract can be compared to looking through a foggy or dirty camera lens.

Every patient is different and experiences different symptoms when they have a cataract but they may include the following:

  • Visual changes like blurred vision or distorted vision
  • Difficulty with glare (usually made worse by the sun or headlights from a car at night)
  • Color vision may become very dull (not sharp, bright colors)
  • Loss of distance vision
  • Vision at night may become reduced
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription
  • Occasional double vision
  • Halos around bright lights at night

As the lens hardens it looses the ability to see up close. A cataract will cause both loss of clarity and loss of function of near vision. This loss of near vision along with glare and halos are usually the first signs of a cataract.